Making the Complicated Simple – Live on the Jonathan Tripp Show

You may have seen my recent eBook – Business Writing Tips for Simpler Copy.

I wrote it as a response to all the bloated copy complicating business communications I see out there.

But it’s not just communications. Everything seems so complex now. Processes. Strategy. Planning. We pile layer upon layer of complexity on top of complexity. And Jonathan Tripp, host of a daily Marketing Show in the USA invited me on to talk about “Making the Complicated Simple”.

Complicated Simple

You can watch the replay of the show right here.

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Snapchat for Older People and Businesses – MPAFTV13

Are you on Snapchat? Are you using it to create relationships and engage with potential customers?

People’s perception is that Snapchat is only for teenagers posting dirty photos.

But more and more “older” people and businesses are using Snapchat to build business relationships and engage with customers.

Find out how in this short video.

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Find Related Hashtags Instantly Without Having to Experiment

Do you use hashtags in your social media posts?

Hashtags let you tag your posts with keywords, making them easier for social networks to organize and other users to search.

For example: #Marketing #Business #BusinessStrategy

So when you add a hashtag to a post or tweet, the social media immediately indexes the keyword so it’s searchable by other users. If someone clicks on that hashtag, they’ll find a page that lists all the posts with the same hashtagged keyword. If a keyword becomes popular it’s known as “trending.”

Including hashtags in your social media means more people can see your content and might follow or interact with you.

If you use one or two related hashtags you might find your “reach” extends even further. But it’s time-consuming searching and experimenting with related hashtags. Which is why I was delighted to find this invaluable resource. finds related hashtag keywords without having to experiment.

All you do enter in a keyword and the site will tell you the top ten related keywords. Then you can include the most related in your posts or tweets.

hashtags data by

So now you can find related hashtags instantly. Give it a try. Add in a few related keywords (though don’t over do it and become a hashtag spammer) and see your social media interactions increase.

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