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Looking for a provocative, motivating speaker for your virtual or in-person event?

Want to listen to someone share ideas and tell stories rather than scrolling through loads of slides?

Let’s chat about how I can help you make your event a success.

What you can expect from me as a speaker:

  • Live at your IN-PERSON event, live or pre-recorded (or both) for your VIRTUAL event
  • No death by bloody PowerPoint (in fact hardly any slides at all)
  • Real personal stories
  • Real strategies, from real business, that produce real results
  • No pitch speeches. Just value for your guests
  • Easy to work with. I’m here to help you make your event a success
  • Audience interaction and participation
  • Infectious Enthusiasm
  • Energy

Virtual event? No problem

Thanks to the pandemic I’m ready to help with your online events as well as your in-person events. I’ve invested in professional audio and video equipment.

  • 15-45 minutes
  • I can pre-record the video, deliver the talk over a live stream or a combination of pre-recorded and live
  • Questions and answers on a live stream after the talk
  • Optional live stream previews and follow-ups

Please have a look at my Speaker Reel to see me in action

Signature talks

  • Fighting Marketing Complexity: How to keep marketing simple from start-up to big corporate
    • Known as the “Cat Sat on the Mat” talk
  • Engage don’t enrage: Fixing broken marketing
    • Known as the “John the Wineman” talk
  • Dump the D Word: Why we should stop talking about DIGITAL marketing and talk about MARKETING again
    • My latest keynote

And you’ll get more than a rip-roaring talk if you invite me to your event. I’ll also help promote your event with live video and a follow-up – click here to find out more.

What do you think?

If you would like me to deliver a speech at your conference please get in touch. Click here.

My speaker Bio

Please feel free to copy and use my speaker bio for your conference programme.

Roger is “The Marketing Simplifier” – he helps companies nail their offer, set their goals and plan their marketing activity in a world where business BS and complexity threaten to stifle success.

An experienced marketing professional helping businesses with their marketing strategy, content, and social media, Roger clocked up many years in the ‘big corporate’ world as marketing director of several UK financial services brands before getting out of all that and starting his own consultancy.

He now uses his expertise to guide his clients in designing engaging marketing, is known as a prolific content creator and podcaster, and as a speaker. He’s the host of the popular and award-winning “Marketing and Finance Podcast” and author of “Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans.”

As a qualified yoga and exercise teacher, Roger has also been known to ask his clients to take off their ties and put on their trainers, taking their fitness, as well as their marketing, to the next level.

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What they said on social

@Roger_Edwards is rocking the stage at

Brilliant talk by @roger_edwards, egging us on to stay human and to keep customers first, even when you’re huge! #CMALive17#cmawizard


Scottish Social Media and Marketing Show 2021

Roger is the king of marketing presentations. Simple. I have had the honour of hosting Roger’s presentations to my audiences across the UK and beyond. The content is always absolutely “bang on” with excellent insights, expert analysis and witty banter. Above all, Roger is supreme in his production and delivery and should be the first name on your team sheet when you need a speaker. (Andrew Charlton – Hashtag Events)

Remote Connect 2:0 Conference

Roger brought so much energy, creativity and personality to Remote Connect 2.0. Instantly establishing the tone is critical at virtual events and Roger set the stage brilliantly with an entertaining opening using some clever video production and editing. He was also a pleasure to work with from start to finish, and his commitment to the project went above and beyond simply being a keynote speaker. We were very happy to have him play such a critical role in our event! (Andrew Wallace – MD of Smileback – the Conference organiser)

Social Media and Marketing Show 2020 (Online Event)

We found your presentation style extremely engaging and enjoyable, and your storytelling was excellent! We can all aspire to be like John the Wineman! (MaxCap Consultants)

Forum Media Conference – Prague, Czech Republic, October 2018

Thank you again so much for your marvellous speech! You must have seen for yourself how you’ve captivated the audience a got the most response. Which is even more amazing given the fact that your talk was the last one.

I feel privileged I got to know you and hope to see you in Prague again soon. (Vaclav Sochor – Conference Organiser)

Content Experience – Serbia June 2018

What I really liked about this presentation is how you put all the important things you need to know about content marketing within a very interesting story. A very fun way to understand it. (Katarina Milanovic – Conference Organiser)

You really woke people up. Your entrance was very powerful. I loved your lecture very much. (Sonja Grcic – Conference Organiser)

Not only is he a great Combat teacher, he’s also an excellent content marketing teacher. So I’m sure if you attend one of his lectures, you’re going to have a blast. (Marija Mijatovic – Conference Organiser)

Network 2.0 – Montenegro October 2017

Roger didn’t just speak at the NetWork Conference, he offered us a full  stage show about how to keep marketing simple in every business!

What a pleasure it was to attend his keynote. He is such a passionate professional sharing with us his knowledge and experience with humour and enthusiasm.

If you’re looking for a speaker who will rock the stage, Roger is your guy. (Tamara Blazic – Marketing Manager, Network Conference, Montenegro)

And you absolutely rocked that stage! And I absolutely enjoyed your “Cat on the Mat”! (Vladimir Vulic – International Keynote Speaker)

Talking Point of Business, Newcastle 22 September 2017

Roger was one of our keynote speakers at the 2017 Talking Point of Business Conference. We have had amazing feedback from attendees who truly enjoyed Roger’s talk. On a personal level, I found Roger’s talk very informative, engaging and entertaining with loads of take aways which I can implement immediately in my own business. I can highly recommend Roger as a keynote speaker at any business event! (Tiana Wilson Buys – organiser of TPBiz 2017)

CMA Live June 2017

You. Fucking. Nailed. It. Raised the bar and showed everyone how it’s done. (Chris Marr – organiser of CMA Live)

So many people tonight said it was their favourite talk – you crushed it, Roger – well deserved success. (Pete Matthew – guest)

If you are thinking about Roger for an event, you can call me. You can email me. I would put my name next to this guy any day of the week. Because I believe in him that much, as a teacher and a communicator  (Marcus Sheridan – International Keynote Speaker and owner of The Sales Lion)

I thought the stage would catch fire when I watched you present in Edinburgh. Energy, humour & actionable; you’re a great speaker Roger! (Ramin Nakisa)

Panacea Adviser Product Provider Conference April 2017

Roger spoke at conference we held recently for Product Providers around the Future of Content Marketing. The feedback we had from attendees about Roger’s presentation was excellent. His presentation was relevant and well organised and he quickly engaged the audience with an inspiring and motivational session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roger to others. (Sarah Paul – Organiser)

I’d love to speak at your event – please get in touch. Click here.

What’s it cost?

I’m a professional speaker so I do charge a fee. The amount depends on whether you’re looking for a 30-45 minute keynote or a longer workshop.

On top of my speaker fee, I’ll add reasonable travel and accommodation costs from Edinburgh, UK.

Let’s discuss the fee when we talk about what you’re looking for and how I can help make your event a success.

Discounts and free sessions

I’m happy to offer discounts or free sessions in certain circumstances, so it’s definitely worth asking.

But you’ll always cover my travel and accommodation.


My most high profile gigs of the last few years

  • Protection Review Conference – December 2022
  • Scottish Social Media and Marketing Show – November 2021
  • Remote Connect 2.0 – October 2020
  • ProtectX Online – 7 Events July 2020 – 2023
  • Brand Growth Accelerator Online – March 2020
  • Scottish Social Media and Marketing Show – February 2020
  • Financial Services Brand Growth Accelerator Conference – Peterborough – October 2019
  • AllWeb Albania – Tirana – October 2019
  • Protection Review Conference – London – July 2019
  • K9 Memorial Statue Unveiling Ceremony – April 2019
  • Level Up Conference – Aberdeen – March 2019
  • Youprenuer Summit 2018 – London – November 2018
  • AllWeb Conference – Skopje, Macedonia – November 2018
  • Internet and Marketing World – Bucharest, Romania – October 2018
  • Forum Media Conference – Prague, Czech Republic – October 2018
  • Protection Review Conference – London – July 2018
  • Content Experience – Belgrade, Serbia – June 2018
  • Network Marketing Conference – Montenegro – October 2017
  • Talking Point of Business – Newcastle – September 2017
  • Protection Review Conference – London – July 2017
  • CMA Live – Edinburgh – June 2017

If you would like me to deliver a speech at your conference please get in touch. Click here.