Martin Bamford on Baby Boomer Advice and Creating Standout Content – MPAF15

A recurring subject we discuss in the MPAF Podcast is how great content can drive traffic to your website, create leads and increase business.

My latest guest has put together web content, including blogs and podcasts, since 2006.

His latest project is a feature-length video documentary called “Boom- Demographics are Destiny”.

It’s about Baby Boomers and their financial circumstances, what financial advice they need and what opportunities they represent to the financial adviser community.

My guest on Episode 15 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Martin Bamford.

Martin Bamford on Baby Boomer Advice and Creating Standout Content

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Martin is managing director of Informed Choice, a firm of Chartered Financial Planners in Cranleigh, Surrey.

He is a Chartered Financial Planner and CFP professional, working with elderly clients and trustees, as well as being responsible for marketing within the firm.

He’s well known as an innovator within the financial services sector, as the first IFA to publish a podcast and one of the first to write a blog.

Hear how Martin came up with the idea for the video and the challenges he faced putting it together. Listen to launch plans for the documentary and the lessons he learned about producing standout content.

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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – Greg McKeown

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