121 marketing consultancy

Do you need help keeping your marketing simple?

Want to talk about nailing your customer offer? Planning your content and social media? Putting together a remarkable talk or presentation?

Let’s have a mug of coffee over video.

A 121 marketing consultancy session.

Roger Edwards 121 online consultancy

Areas we can explore together:

  • Making marketing less complicated and less scary
  • Putting together a simple marketing plan for your business
  • Working on content and social media
  • Crafting a remarkable talk or presentation
  • Creating your social media profiles and making them stand out
  • Recording and launching your Podcast
  • Using pre-recorded and live video in your marketing

And on a more personal level:

  • Get your thoughts, desires, ideas and wishes out of your head and onto paper.
  • Help you prioritise those ideas and projects.
  • Set you on the right path for achieving goals in a timely fashion.
  • Being there to support and brainstorm.
  • Keep you accountable on your goals.

Are you up for it?

Here’s what it costs.

£159.00 for 45 minutes – click below to book your slot.

What can we talk about?

Any issue you’re having with your marketing, including your offer, goals, planning, content and social media.

We can talk about putting together a simple strategy. Writing your content and social media plan. Crafting a remarkable presentation. Launching a podcast. Writing an award entry. All the things that help grow your business.

It’s up to you.

How do we make the most of our time together?

If you want help with a specific issue, please come prepared with a clear description of it. Or I can send you a short questionnaire by email in advance if that would help you.

How do I book a slot?

Click on the link above. You’ll be able to pick a time to suit you.

How do I pay?

Once you’ve booked a slot, I’ll send you an invoice. Please settle this before our session. It costs £159.00 and this includes VAT.

What platforms can we use to talk?

Either Skype, Zoom or Teams. These are convenient and free over WiFi and work on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Can I get a refund?

If you miss your slot, I’m sorry but I can’t offer a refund. But if you give me more than 24 hours notice that you can’t make the time slot, we can re-arrange for later.

What happens after our call?

I’ll send you an email summary of what we discussed and any actions.

I’ll also give you ongoing support via Messenger or WhatsApp for 7 days after our session.

Can I have a discount on more than one session?

Definitely. If you enjoy our first session we can talk about setting up a series to fit your needs.


Kathryn Knowles – Cura Financial Services Ltd

“Roger was able to look at our current marketing strategies and quickly point us in a new direction with very clear advice. He clearly understood our business model and tailored the marketing plan to suit our size, resources and client base. I very much look forward to working with him again in the future.”

“At some point in our business we could all do with some professional advice or opinion. I contacted Roger because over the last few months listening to the podcast and watching his videos I felt I could trust his opinion to put me on the right foot with some PR/Marketing I’ve been working on.”

Danny Matthews – Graphic Designer

“Roger is a great listener and with all of his industry experience, you’d be silly not to approach him for some golden nuggets of value to move your business forward. Thanks, Roger, I look forward to doing more with you in future.”