121 marketing help (video call)

Need quick help with your marketing?

Want to talk about growing your business?

Let’s do coffee over Skype – and you can “pick my brains”.

Areas you could explore with my help:

  • Putting together a simple marketing strategy for your business
  • Developing a content marketing and social media plan
  • Creating and developing your social media profiles
  • Launching your product to your customers
  • Recording and launching your Podcast
  • Building your blog

And on a more personal level:

  • Get your thoughts, desires, ideas and wishes out of your head and onto paper.
  • Help you prioritise those ideas and projects.
  • Set you on the right path for achieving goals in a timely fashion.
  • Be there to support and brainstorm.
  • Keep you accountable on your goals.

There is a cost for “picking my brain”. People do ask to meet for a coffee (“I’ll pay”) or to hop on a ‘quick Skype’, for some marketing advice. The thing is, I’d love to help everyone. But I simply can’t. So this is your chance to book time with me.

Are you up for it?

It’s only £227 + VAT for 1 hour  – click below to book your slot.

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Kathryn Knowles – Cura Financial Services Ltd

“Roger was able to look at our current marketing strategies and quickly point us in a new direction with very clear advice. He clearly understood our business model and tailored the marketing plan to suit our size, resources and client base. I very much look forward to working with him again in the future.”

“At some point in our business we could all do with some professional advice or opinion. I contacted Roger because over the last few months listening to the podcast and watching his videos I felt I could trust his opinion to put me on the right foot with some PR/Marketing I’ve been working on.”

Danny Matthews – Financial Adviser

“Roger is a great listener and with all of his industry experience you’d be silly not to approach him for some golden nuggets of value to move your business forward. Thanks Roger, I look forward to doing more with you in future.”