Working with You

Do you want marketing to grow your business, but find it all a bit complicated, or indeed scary?

I can help you keep it simple. Nail your offer to your customers, set your goals and plan your activity.

Through a combination of motivating talks, interactive workshops and follow up mentoring, I’d like to help you engage your customers by keeping your marketing simple and relevant.

You’ll stand out because so many others enrage rather than engage with a torrent of annoying communications and complex products and services.

I’ve been taking my Fighting Complexity in Marketing talks onto stages in the UK, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Czechia, and the US, and online, of course, during the pandemic. I’d be delighted to speak at your event.

I’m the host of the award-winning Marketing & Finance Podcast.

Let’s work together to keep your marketing simple but effective.

Consultancy and Conference and Event Speaker

Here are the links for more info on how I can help you and what it’ll cost:

Free Content

I publish lots of free content to help you with your marketing, from blogs to podcasts, videos and eBooks.

You can read the first chapter of my book, “Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans” by clicking the image below. Or check out my free eBooks, “Simple Steps to a Remarkable Talk” and “Simple Business Writing.” They are yours and you don’t need to give me your email address either!

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Download free eBook
Download free eBook

It would be great to work with you and help you grow the success of your business.

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