Putting together a simple marketing strategy

Do you want a marketing strategy that’ll grow your business, but find all that strategy stuff a bit complex and academic?

Do you need help planning your content and social media?

Want to keep things simple?

Through a combination of motivating talks, interactive workshops and follow up mentoring, I’d like to help you engage your customers by keeping your marketing simple and relevant.

You’ll stand out because so many others enrage rather than engage with a torrent of annoying communications and complex products and services.

Let’s work together to keep your marketing simple but effective.

We won’t get bogged down with all the academic stuff.

SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Boston Grids Ansoff’s Matrices and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs can suck the life and creativity out of putting together a good strategy.

Whilst “Visions” and “Mission Statements” are important, the process of getting to them can be tortuous. This often overwhelms the simplicity of finding your core offer and goals.

What You’ll Get

We’ll use my “Offer – Goal – Activity” model to put your marketing plans together. We don’t even have to use the word strategy or use those complex-sounding processes. But you’ll end up with a plan focusing on achieving your growth or sales goals.

We’ll arrange video calls on Skype or Zoom, or face to face workshops to develop your plan

Your Offer

First, we’ll look at your offer by answering three questions.

  • Who is your customer?
  • What problem do they have?
  • Why do you solve it better and different than anyone else?

Once you have that nailed everything else should flow including those difficult vision and mission statements – or put simply, “Your Why”.

Your Goal

Next, we’ll consider your goal: Profit, sales volume, market share.

Your Activity

Then we can work on your activity, including pricing, promotions, content and social media.

Once we’ve finished you’ll have a plan ready to go. A strategic and tactical marketing plan without ever using the “Strategy” word. Without being scared off by SWOTs and Boston Grids or bored to tears by Maslow. Using the 4 Ps of marketing without even having to worry about what they are.


We’ll discuss cost in our first chat. Depending on the length and scope of the piece of work a project like this will start at £4,500 plus VAT and travel expenses beyond Edinburgh.

Let’s talk about your project so I can put together a detailed proposal and cost for you.

Want to work with me? Please fill in this fast enquiry form.


Stephen Crosbie, Director, Aegon

“Roger facilitated a session with a collection of Aegon employees to help us design a communications strategy.  His preparation, organisation and wealth of experience he brought to the session created a superb environment to foster great ideas.

An all round good guy with a wealth of experience from both inside and outside of financial services

A marketing specialist with experience in all industries as well as being a leading light the financial services individual protection market.”