Your Top Ten MPAF Podcast Episodes of 2015

Thanks to you the listener and my guests, the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast has gone from strength to strength in 2015.

Here then, collected in one convenient post, are the most popular episodes of the year measured by download numbers.

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Your Top Ten MPAF Podcast Episodes of 2015

David Ferguson on Nucleus Financial and New Financial Business Models

Nucleus Financial’s unique culture means it’s a great place to work. They deliver good service and interesting marketing campaigns. David Ferguson, the CEO, is a well known social media user. Hear David tell the story of how Nucleus developed and the culture he built.

Annabel Brodie-Smith on Investment Company Opportunities Post RDR

Annabel takes us on a fascinating tour of Investment Company opportunities in the post RDR world. Her enthusiasm for her topic is infectious.

Critical Illness Marathons Claims Stats and Platinum Plating Bureaucracy

One of the “me and the mic” episodes, so no guest interview.  Instead I riff on a few hot industry topics. I suspect it’s the section on platinum plating bureaucracy that pushed this show so high into the rankings.

Eileen Murphy on CRM, Business Processes and Successful Relationships

CRM is important for any growing business and Eileen takes us through all the important facts we need to know. Brimming with tips and insights it’s one of the best “marketing” episodes of the show.

Mark Polson on Building Better Stuff and Communicating in a Better Way

Everyone knows Mark as a straight talking champion of plain English and an acknowledged expert on platforms. As my guest on episode 50, Mark delivered his usual combination of witty insight and hard talk about what the industry needs to do to deliver better stuff in a better way.

Esther Dijkstra on Scottish Widows Protection and Improving Customer Engagement

Whilst Esther gave a few hints about the now launched Scottish Widows Protection Proposition, we talked mainly about customer engagement in this interview. One of the joys of podcasting is listening to the personal stories that go with business people. Listen to Esther talk about riding the Queen’s Horses.

Bridget Greenwood on Planning for Social Media Success

Social media, combined with content marketing, is an essential component of any marketing strategy. Bridget has made a name for herself helping financial services firms with their social media. Hear how you can plan for social media success.

Chris Daems on Auto Enrolment in a Box and The Power of Three

Chris Daems’s enthusiasm and passion for writing and for his Auto Enrolment in a Box product stand out in this funny and engaging interview. And as always, Chris manages to talk about sausages too.

Chris Hitchens on Co-ignition Recruitment and Disrupting Tired Industries

In his second appearance on the show, Chris talked about how tired industries sometimes need disrupting to create change. He’s tried to do just that with Co-Ignition. A brand new method of recruitment.

The Only Hope for Protection Market Growth is the Social Financial Adviser

Another “me and the mic” show where I effectively give my keynote conference speech as a podcast episode. My angle is that in the short term, product providers aren’t going to grow the protection market. It’s up to financial advisers who embrace content marketing and social media to find new customers. Do you agree.

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