Welcome to RogVLOG.

Unlike my 2-3 minute Marketing and Finance TV tips videos, RogVLOG is more laid back.

Let me take you behind the scenes of my business. Share travel experiences. And the rambling thoughts of a marketing guy and fitness and yoga instructor.

8 – Boys with Toys at the Broadcast Video Expo BVE 2017

7 – Review: St Regis, Saddiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, giant bath tubs and poorly turtles

6 –¬†Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and the Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

5 –¬†Abu Dhabi bound, British Airways Club World, and Simon Hackett Shiraz

4 – Mastermind sessions and ducks in Wimbledon

3 – Zombies killed the Radio Star

2 – A motivational blend of yoga, coffee and content marketing

1 – Fun with jargon, guff, gobbledegook, and management speak