Marketing Made Simple – Videos

Talking about keeping marketing simple, fighting complexity, and going for growth, in these short punchy videos.

These are my marketing tips videos. Marketing Made Simple.

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DUMP complex language from MARKETING – Be MORE engaging for customers – That means you too Web 3

DIGITAL MARKETING can be a double-edged sword – good and bad – How to focus on the good!

What’s the best ROI on £50k Marketing Spend? Facebook Ads? Google Ads? Email? What?

Don’t use PowerPoint slides – A challenge for you!

Start Strong: How to start a speech with a bang

Best Management Speak Buzzwords – Top 10 countdown

5 fast tips for looking better on video

Stand out at VIRTUAL Events – Loads of online presentation tips

Instagram is dead…again! And Instagram marketing is a waste of time. Really?

LinkedIn Stories Launch: How to use LinkedIn Stories

How to use Positive Affirmations to beat Imposter Syndrome

Marketing after Covid: How to make a simple marketing strategy

Better self confidence: What to do about IMPOSTER Syndrome

How to avoid overused marketing words. Stop World beating

How to add chapter markers to your YouTube vidoes

2 cracking growth MARKETING TIPS – Forget 3,4 and 5

What’s STOPPING creativity in your business?

CUSTOMER CONNECTION ideas: The PRECIOUS moment of customer connection

How to analyse customer FEEDBACK research – tap into FEELINGS

You are not YOUR customer

Customers are not DATA, they are REAL people

Prepare a Killer TALK or PRESENTATION. Don’t go to POWERPOINT first

Marketing DANGER SIGNS you’re heading for complexity

Do marketers ruin everything?

Zap the Marketing Invaders: Fight against annoying marketing

How on earth do you get started with marketing?

Consistent Content Marketing: Celebrating 200 episodes of the Marketing & Finance podcast

Inspire. Entertain. Teach. 3 Words to drive business in 2019

Marketing Communications Made Simple – in 4 Gulps of Coffee

Better or Different? Getting a competitive advantage for your product.

Simplest marketing communications formula – Problem Agitate Solution

Stay Active – One great way to keep your marketing communications simple

Cut complexity from your marketing copy – Beat The Bloat

Listen to Social Media to boost your marketing

Don’t Fear Social Media in your Marketing

Marketing isn’t just about communications, advertising or promotion

What is marketing? If I asked you, what would your definition be?

3 Power Phrases to drive Business Success

Top Takeaways from Youprenuer Summit 2017

Last and Final Call Marketing Technique

Get to no BS Marketing with these 3 tips

Is it time to stop using meaningless marketing words?

How to get to a simple strategy

Should a presentation start with slides or a story?

What can you do to keep your marketing copy really simple?

Is storytelling the key to growing financial protection?

What is the curse of knowledge and does it affect your marketing?

Twitter is like a virtual pub.

What’s the definition of content marketing?

Why is Twitter about to get much easier to use?

Why Interruption Marketing enrages rather than engages your customers.

What is the Marketing Mix and where does engagement fit?

Is Your Voice or Your Face Stopping You from Creating Audio or Video Content?