Nicole Osborne on using video marketing and LinkedIn for customer engagement – MAF180

My guest this week is Nicole Osborne, owner of Lollipop Social and a social media and video marketing champion.

We talk about how Nicole left her job as a marketing director to set up her own company and how she helps companies put together strategies for social media and video marketing.

Welcome to episode 180 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Nicole Osborne on using video marketing and LinkedIn for customer engagement - MAF180

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • How businesses of all sizes can use social media
  • Why people dislike the word ‘strategy’
  • The benefits of using video for business
  • Nicole’s tips for video production
  • How Nicole helps her clients grow their businesses
  • Why businesses should use LinkedIn

Who is Nicole Osborne?

Nicole runs Lollipop Social, a marketing company based in London. She moved from Germany 20 years ago and has worked with many business leaders on marketing and growth. She did well in her career as a marketing director but when she became a mum struggled to find a senior role with flexibility.

She decided to use her skills, experience and passion for helping entrepreneurs to sweeten up their marketing and set up her own business. She upskilled in digital marketing and started Lollipop Social a year ago. The name comes from the fact that she gives her son a lollipop to keep him happy in airport queues.

Nicole comes from a family of Eastern German entrepreneurs and enjoys working with ambitious entrepreneurs, bringing a combination of heaps of German logic and empathy to all her marketing projects.

Summary of our chat

For big companies, it’s important to have social media policies, brand guidelines and guardianship. They have more money to experiment, but there’s always a risk of death by committee. Nicole says when she works with smaller companies they can try new things quickly, which bigger ones can’t.

Nicole uses phrases like ‘roadmap to success’ with clients rather than the dreaded ‘strategy’. It’s still about knowing where you are now and where you’re going. She applies the traditional marketing tools to develop the roadmap, but avoids the word strategy so people aren’t switched off by the language.

Nicole started learning about video a year ago, seeing that it was an amazing way for people to get to know her. She recommends video to clients, so has to use it too. She worked to overcome her fears, realising that you can’t learn how to do video from a course.

The key to video is to just do it, and don’t delete it afterwards. Nicole’s favourite tip is not to compare yourself to someone who’s been doing it for years, but look at their early videos. Everyone has to start somewhere! You will improve with every take.

When Nicole starts with a new client, she learns about their strengths, the competition, ideal customers and areas of interest. Then she maps the ideas back to their brand values. To succeed with content marketing, you need to be clear on your target audiences, their challenges, problems and where they hang out.

LinkedIn is now a great place to share video, so long as people stay on the platform. Nicole says you need to make it easy for viewers to reply, and then go in and engage with them. It’s harder for big businesses to use it, but LinkedIn is a great place to make connections.

A marketing campaign or product that grabbed Nicole’s attention

Nicole liked a recent Heineken beer advert which got a diverse mixture of people into a room. They were asked to fix something and had to work together. Viewers didn’t know what would happen, but it was a great way to challenge assumptions and unite people. It’s a powerful way to communicate messages.

Nicole’s book recommendations

Nicole enjoyed “The Hippo Campus” by Andrew and Pete. In it they talk about building a brand to stand out in a good way. It came at the time when she’d just left the corporate world and was looking to do something different. They have an engaging style and give great tips, and Nicole still refers to the book now.

She also read Chris Ducker’s “Rise of the Youpreneur” after attending his conference last year, and highly recommends “Vlog Like a Boss” by Amy Schmittauer.

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