Top ten most downloaded Marketing & Finance Podcast episodes 2019

2019 was another great year for the Marketing & Finance Podcast.

Smashing past episode 200. Winning the CMA Award for Best Podcast, and welcoming some amazing guests who generously shared their knowledge.

Thank you for downloading or streaming the show. I really appreciate your support and feedback.

Here are the Top 10 episodes of 2019 by download number.


  1. Paul Avis and David Shearman on productivity, mental health and well-being – MAF210

  2. Greg Konfederak and Kris Krupecki on building a niche financial advice business for Eastern Europeans living in the UK – MAF212

  3. How on Earth do you start with marketing? – MAF205

  4. Adam Harris on networking, referrals and the “Check-In Strategy” – MAF199

  5. Roger Edwards on Body Combat, writing a marketing book, and achieving a balanced life – MAF200

  6. Lisa Conway-Hughes on the Miss Lolly blog and writing a money book – MAF198

  7. Allister Frost on digital, traditional and content marketing strategies – MAF203

  8. Tom Marriott: A punk’s guide to busting digital marketing myths – MAF206

  9. Simple steps to a killer talk or presentation – MAF221

  10. Do marketers ruin everything they get their hands on? – MAF214

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