Top 10 Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast Sessions

The Podcast takes a break this week as I soak up the sun on my summer holiday.

Here though are the Top 10 Marketing Protection and Finance Sessions from the first 55 episodes.

I’ve ranked them in the order of popularity based on downloads.

Top 10 Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast Sessions

David Ferguson on Nucleus and New Financial Business Models – MPAF26

Annabel Brodie-Smith on Investment Company Opportunities Post RDR – MPAF42

Critical Illness Marathons Claims Stats and Platinum Plating Bureaucracy – MPAF43

Eileen Murphy on CRM, Business Processes and Successful Relationships – MPAF28

Annie Shaw and a Journalist’s View of Financial Services and the Future – MPAF25

Mark Polson on Building Better Stuff and Communicating in a Better Way – MPAF50

Esther Dijkstra on Scottish Widows Protection and Improving Customer Engagement – MPAF27

Bridget Greenwood on Planning for Social Media Success – MPAF36

Chris Daems on AE in a Box and The Power of Three – MPAF29

Peter Le Beau on the Seven Families Initiative for Income Protection – MPAF10

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