Tim Lewis on social media as a networking strategy – MAF148

My guest on the show this week is Tim Lewis. We talk how you can use social media and content, such as blogs and live video, to grow your business network. Welcome to episode 148 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast. What you’ll hear about in this episode Avoiding the “spray and pray” approach to networking Social media and content allow a new type of networking The power of twitter chats People underestimate the power of commenting on blogs and videos for making contacts How other people’s content can act as a network enabler Who is Tim Lewis? With over 18 years experience in IT development and management in Financial Services Industry, Tim’s now working in the world of writing fiction and publishing. He’s managing director of Stoneham Press, has published fiction on Amazon and helps other self-publishers. Tim is the host of the Being Self Published Podcast. He’s writing a book about how to use social media and content to build business networks – using social media to get ahead by “being you”. Links: Connect with Tim on LinkedIn Follow Tim on Twitter Visit Tim’s website – Stoneham Press Listen to the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast Unscripted – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship by MJ DeMarco If you enjoyed – Tim Lewis on social media as a networking strategy – please leave a comment or a review on iTunes. And if you know anyone who would enjoy the show – please share it with them. You can use the buttons below to share on social media. Don’t miss an episode of the MAF Podcast – subscribe now.