Iona Bain on the Young Money Blog and financial education – MAF120

This week I chat to journalist, blogger and author, Iona Bain.

We talk about how she launched the Young Money Blog, financial education and how important it is to get out and talk directly to your customers.

Welcome to episode 120 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Iona Bain on the Young Money Blog and financial education - MAF120

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • How Iona set up the first blog dedicated to young people and their money
  • Why we need more financial education in schools and what it should cover
  • Giving young people the power and the freedom to take back control of their money
  • The importance of getting out and meeting people to find out their problems
  • Why “conforming to the norm” is not a strategy for business success

Who is Iona Bain

Iona is a journalist, blogger and author.

She’s written for all the major national newspaper titles and financial services trade publications.

She founded the award-winning Young Money Blog, the first and only online financial blog devoted to young people in the UK. Won Money Blogger of the Year at 2016 Santander Media Awards. She’s author of “Spare Change”, named one of the top five feminist books of 2016.

You’ll see Iona appear regularly on BBC Breakfast and BBC Scotland.

Iona’s links:

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