Alex Cameron on the 3 key themes from Social Media Marketing World 2018 – MAF165

In this episode, Alex Cameron returns to the show.

Alex is my honorary US correspondent providing us with insights and ideas from marketing and social media across the pond.

Just back from attending the massive Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego, Alex shares with us the 3 key themes from the many keynotes and workshops.

Welcome to episode 165 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Alex Cameron on the 3 key themes from Social Media Marketing World 2018 - MAF165

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • How the recent changes to Twitter, which forbid duplicate content, will affect your marketing
  • Feedback on the Social Media Marketing World conference overall
  • Facing the big blue elephant in the room – Facebook
  • Are chat bots the future of customer conversations or do people still prefer real humans?
  • How and when to use influencers in your marketing

What we talked about

Alex talks about what she’s been up to in the last year. Launching a new coaching business as well as writing and launching a couple of business books.

Since the Social Media Marketing World conference, Twitter have changed their rules to forbid duplicate content. Alex’s response to this is, “Thank you!” Sometimes marketers ruin things. Twitter is social media not selling media and the new rules should stop the excessive broadcasting and return the platform to being a two way conversation.

Facebook introduced a change to their algorithm back in January 2018 to pull back on the amount of business content people see in their feeds. Alex talks about Social Media Marketing World’s CEO, Mike Stelzner’s keynote where he says we must focus on live video, episodic content and deeper and longer conversations to get reach.

Many companies are using chat-bots to talk to customers. But will this be a rerun of some of the customer service disasters we experienced when companies took their call centres offshore? People want to talk to humans so how far should we go with chat-bots?

And finally should you use influencers in your marketing. As always it should be driven by your strategy. But Alex talks about using influencers as a figure head for a video campaign if your own people are nervous about appearing behind the camera.

Who is Alex Cameron?

Alex is a Social Media Coach from San Diego California. She runs two companies, Signature Social Consulting and Convert More Leads Academy.

With a background in the hospitality industry, she loves empowering her clients with the knowledge and direction they need to succeed in the world of digital marketing and social media.

Alex’s Book

Just published, Alex’s book looks at strategies from the world’s most successful business coaches.


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