Matthew Woodward: SEO 101 – what it is and how to do it – MAF251

My guest this week is Matthew Woodward, blogger and SEO expert.

We chat about demystifying SEO and some tips you can use to drive traffic to your website.

Welcome to episode 251 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Matthew Woodward: SEO 101 -what it is and how to do it  - MAF251

What you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • How Matthew set up his SEO business and moved from the UK to Costa Rica at the same time
  • Increasing the amount of qualified traffic to increase sales
  • The SEO combination of target markets, solving customer problems, and creating backlinks
  • The truth about keywords and “long-tail keywords”
  • Why high search volume isn’t the best approach – focus on buyer intent” instead and business goals
  • Tools – Google Adwords keywords planner, SEM Rush and Surfer SEO

Who is Matthew Woodward?

Matthew started building websites before Google or YouTube existed – back then he was just a kid delivering newspapers before school to pay for the server.

He had no idea that you could use the internet to make money.  He just loved playing video games and writing which led him to build my first website for people to share their highlight videos.

This was before YouTube.  To record those videos he had to rig his computers up to VHS players and press record, later he had to play the VHS back while recording it on his computer.

I built his skill set with building websites, writing, video production, team management and building communities. In fact, it’s those foundation skills he built as a kid that have enabled him to help thousands of people.


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