What Are Your 3 Power Words for 2016?

Most people have New Year resolutions.

Some, quite rightly, set business and personal goals.

I thought I’d share with you another little exercise I run through each year. It’s an idea I shamelessly ripped off from a Canadian marketeer called Mitch Joel. What are the 3 words that will drive my business for the next 12 months? A simple but powerful thing to think about, it helps to create a consistent theme for my activities.

I’ll share my 3 power words for 2016 with you and then ask you to share yours.

What Are Your 3 Power Words for 2016?


Everything is so complicated don’t you think? Language in marketing material. Business processes and needless bureaucracy. Management speak and gobbledegook. It’s almost as if there is a conspiracy of complexity.

Keep it simple is one goal for 2016. Keep business simple. Keep marketing simple. For you, my clients, and for me.


In financial services we really don’t truly engage with our customers. And we have a long way to go to restore public confidence in what we do.

Social media gives us a great opportunity to reach out. But we must remember that social is just that.


A conversation.

Engagement not constant preaching and promotion.


Following on from that video is a good way to engage. People love video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet. Look at the success of Periscope, Blab, SnapChat and Facebook Live.

In 2016 video will become even more important. But again, how can we use it to engage and not to blatantly promote?

I guess I’d better do an episode of MPAF TV about t his post!

The Power of Three

Whether I’m writing an article, putting together a marketing strategy, or helping someone plan a campaign those three words will always be bouncing around inside my head.

Simple. Engage. Video.

What are your 3 power words for 2016? Please share them either in the comments or on Social Media.