The Top 10 most popular Marketing and Finance Podcast episodes of 2016

45 minutes free consultancy.

That’s what you get from a good podcast interview.

Podcasting is a win-win for the listeners and the host. The listeners get a load of ideas, insights, and motivation from the guest. And as the host of the show I get exactly the same. I’m learning from the best too.

Where ever you are in business. Whether you feel at the top of your game or you’re just starting out. You’re always learning. There’s always something you can develop, refine, or enhance.

The Top 10 most popular Marketing and Finance Podcast episodes of 2016

Here are the 10 most popular Marketing and Finance Podcast episode of 2016.

  1. Ian Fraser on Writing about RBS the Bank that Broke Britain – MAF94

  2. Michelle Hoskin on building WOWW into your business – MAF100

  3. Richard Tubb on productivity tips and not to do lists – MAF104

  4. Adam Carolan on Nurturing Young Adviser Talent and Engaging Younger Clients – MAF86

  5. Public speaking tips and world-class communication – MAF108

  6. Deborah Turner on Personal Branding, Image and Style – MAF74

  7. Jon Pittham on putting personality into business brands – MAF106

  8. Susie Colley on PMI, Critical Illness Cover and Going Beyond Expectations – MAF81

  9. Chris Marr on Content Marketing, Educating and Communicating without Selling – MAF80

  10. Ali McGill on how a focus on customer experience could transform your business – MAF99

I’m delighted to have chatted with such awesome people. I’ve learned a lot from talking to them and I hope you have enjoyed their insights as well.

So if you’re a listener of the Marketing and Finance podcast I’d like to thank you for downloading or streaming the show. If you were a guest on the show I’d like to thank you for the generosity of your time.

Happy New Year and here’s to 2017.

Now it’s your turn:

Please let me know which were your favourite episodes of 2016. Please leave a comment or hit me up on social media.

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Colin Gray on How to Launch a Financial Services Podcast – MPAF75

Your business will almost certainly benefit if you launch your own podcast.

Some people are put off because they think they need thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment. Or that there’s no point because others are already doing it and have already taken the audience.

In this episode I talk to Colin Gray who quickly dispels these myths.

Listen to Colin talk about the business he’s built around podcast production and his tips on how to launch your own and build an audience.

That’s all right here in Episode 75 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Colin Gray on How to Launch a Financial Services Podcast

Who is Colin Gray?

Colin is an online educator, and has been teaching Podcasting and online business skills for over 7 years.

He works with businesses, universities and hobbyists to make podcasting work for them. He’s an experienced speaker within the business, new media and academic worlds appearing at some of the biggest UK and international new media conferences.


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Christmas Podcast Equipment Wish List and Price Guide

Starting a podcast is easy.

And there are many benefits for you personally and for your business. Remember this article – 8 Ways You and Your Business Benefit from Podcasts?

Podcast Equipment

All you need to do is come up with your idea for a show. Talk to friends and colleagues and maybe pilot it and get some feedback. Once you’re ready to go you can get away with very little equipment (you can buy more kit once you launch and get established.

You can record your first episodes using the memo feature on your iPhone or Android device. Whilst the built-in microphone is adequate for better broadcast quality you can’t beat this piece of kit.

RØDE SMARTLAV+ Lavalier Microphone For Smartphones – about £65

Of course if your podcast takes off you’re going to want to look at some more equipment. Admit it. The tech geek in you can’t resist toys like this.

The next step up from a smart phone is a portable audio recorder. This one is great value and delivers crystal clear quality.

Zoom H2n Portable Recorder – about £110

You can use your Rode SmartLav+ with the Zoom no problem. Eventually you might want to upgrade to a studio microphone. If you are like me once you get the podcasting bug you’re going to want to build a studio in your office.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – about £100

The Blue Yeti is a “Condenser Microphone”. Amazing quality but it does pick up background noise so you’ll want to work in a quiet environment. An alternative is a “Dynamic Microphone” which doesn’t pick up as much background noise but you have to stay quite close to it.

RØDE Podcaster Dynamic Large-Diaphragm Microphone – about £130

Of course then you’ll want to think about a microphone boom and shock mount.

Produce 20 or more episodes and the bug really takes hold. By now you’ll be thinking about buying a mixing desk and plugging a load of wires into your PC. Maybe using Skype to record interviews and Audacity to edit your audio.

Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX – about £115

Podcasting is addictive. And if you stick with it, can bring you clients. Do check out my earlier blog  – 8 Ways You and Your Business Benefit from Podcasts? – for more ideas.

Have a great Christmas.

Now it’s Your Turn:

What’s your favourite piece of kit for producing content for your business? Whether it’s for a podcast, or a video, and e-book or a webinar, please share.