12 Tips for using Periscope to Engage Your Clients

Just what we need I hear you say. Another social media app.

Well this one’s a bit special.

12 Tips for using Periscope to Engage (1)

It might take time to get to grips with the potential it offers. But I think it could be huge for early adopters.

What is Periscope?

Periscope app from the people at Twitter. It let’s you create a live video stream from wherever you are. Anyone can watch your broadcast live or replay it within 24 hours. They can comment and ask questions. And they can show their appreciation by giving you hearts.

So what is the fuss about?

Periscope say there are over 7 million registered users. And there’ve been 36 million broadcasts since they launched in March 2015.

Financial services professionals can use Periscope to create an audience. You could:

  • Run 15 minute question and answer sessions each morning over coffee
  • Review latest news articles and talk about issues
  • Broadcast your seminars
  • Let people watch your team events
  • Take viewers on a live tour of your office
  • Simply give a presentation online

I’ve experimented with Periscope and it does generate traffic. I’ve seen people sign up to my mailing list and go on to listen to my podcasts. All because they’ve seen my live Periscope broadcasts.

So here’s 12 tips for getting started on Periscope and engaging your clients.

1) Download the App and choose a Name

Download the Periscope App for either Android or iOS.

Use your Twitter account to set up an account on Periscope. Take care. You can’t change your Periscope handle after you sign up. If you want it different to your Twitter name do it now.

This is a live interactive experience and you want people to use your name.

2) Write a Cracking Bio

Start with a great photo. Then craft some words.

Unlike your name, you can change your bio on Periscope. Say what you do and what your expertise is and a bit about yourself.  The more information you give the more chance people will follow you.

If someone comments on your broadcast you can click on them to see their bio information. That’s a good way to engage with them live.

Your bio is searchable. People can search for terms in the search box and find you. So put relevant keywords in your bio like “financial adviser” or “marketer”. And don’t forget to put your website URL in your bio so that people can find you after your broadcasts.

3) Killer Broadcast Headlines are Key

When you start a broadcast the App can Tweet out a link. As with emails or blog posts the headline has to attract attention. You want it to get people watching.

Be clear and create a little curiosity. The “Power of Three” works well. Here’s one that got me 89 viewers for an update today:

“Planes vs Trains, Protection Review Conference and a TV Show Pilot”

You could use hashtags in your title. On Periscope hashtags aren’t searchable but they are on Twitter. People come to you via Twitter so it makes sense to use them.  Use relevant hashtags like #Business #Entrepreneurship #marketing and #FinancialServices.

4) Pre-broadcast checklist

Before you start your broadcast,:

  • Plan your show. Write a few bullet points and keep them handy. Put them on a post it note and stick it above the camera so you can see them at a glance.
  • Put your phone into aeroplane mode but keep the WiFi turned on. You don’t want a phone call to interrupt your broadcast.
  • Check the lighting but don’t get too hung up on image quality. Periscope videos don’t have compete with a BBC broadcast. Everyone is in the same boat so just make sure you look the part.
  • If you have a tripod, use it. Or buy one of those value for money desk tripods.
  • Put the camera at eye level so that people aren’t staring up your nose or down on the top of your head.
  • Whilst you might improvise most of your broadcast, rehearse your introduction so that you make a good first impression.
  • Make sure your thumbnail picture is a good one. At the start of your broadcast, the first thing your camera sees becomes the thumbnail for your live broadcast and replay. Make sure you point the camera at something interesting and not the floor or your feet. You could create a graphic on your PC or MAC screen and point the camera at that.
  • Tick the Twitter bird in the broadcast display so it auto tweets that you are live. People can now watch you live on the web, they don’t need to download the app.

All done you can start. Then double tap on your screen to flip the camera so your viewers can see your face.

5) Once Live start talking immediately

Even if you have only a few viewers or no viewers. Your broadcast remains available for people to replay for 24 hours. If someone watches a replay, you don’t want an awkward silence at the beginning that stops them watching. Talk as if there are already people there so it looks natural.

You could tweet in advance you are going live at a certain time. It creates anticipation makes it likely you’ll have viewers at the start.

Introduce yourself and give people a quick summary of what you’ll be covering.

16 Tips for using Periscope to Engage Your Clients

6) Interact

This is important. Periscope is a social media platform so be social.  Be conversational and make your viewers feel part of your broadcast. Don’t think of your broadcast as a webinar presentation. It’s all about interaction.

When you start, welcome people who join you live. Name them individually if you can. Ask where they are from. Encourage them to ask questions and give answers when you can. Acknowledge comments.

Interaction does bring hazards for the Periscope broadcaster. You might lose your rhythm if you answer questions or read comments. If you get distracted look back at your notes to get back on track.

Show people around. People love to see behind the scenes and sneak peeks. I’ve done a tour of my Podcasting equipment and I’m amazed by how interested people were.

Don’t be afraid to get personal. You could even play the cat card.

On Periscope people get to see the real “you”. People love vulnerability and a little self-deprecation.

Enjoy the interactions. The comments. The questions. Enjoy the personal touch. It’s what Periscope is all about.

7) Offer your viewers value

You can use Periscope to educate, entertain, or empower.

Whilst you’ll want to talk about your business you could pepper your broadcast with less serious stuff. You might contrast a review of a financial services topic with a brief review of a local restaurant. Run through 5 tips for saving money and then talk about what music you’re listening to today.

Keep things snappy and move along quite quickly. This will hold people’s attention. And it’s important for those who watch replays too.

8) Hearts and Shares – Periscope currency

One fun feature of Periscope is that viewers can give you hearts when they like what you are saying. They tap on the screen to generate a heart. Vigorous tapping from many people creates a heart fountain. Periscope allocates viewers a different colour profile every time they watch a broadcast. Their hearts carry the same colour.

Don’t be afraid to ask for hearts. Hearts show how popular your broadcasts are. Some people have hundreds and thousands, even millions of hearts on Periscope. It’s fun but don’t get obsessed. Your main aim is to engage people.

You want them to take up your call to action.

Ask people to click on the little person icon on bottom right of the screen (which shows how many viewers are live) and share the broadcast. This will give different options to share such as on Twitter or with their own followers.

9) Don’t sweat the drop offs

When you are in a middle of a broadcast and you see the number of people dropping, don’t worry.

Don’t think that your content sucks or you are doing a lousy job. It is the nature of this app that people drop in and out. They are tuning in live as they commute. They are catching you while making dinner. They log on as they are waiting for a client session in 5 minutes.

Don’t take it personally. Keep going. You can actually go longer than planned when you have loads of viewers online. And you can cut it short also if almost everyone drops off.

10) Calls to Action

This is important. Know what you want people to do. You are using Periscope to grow your business.

Your calls to action could be to:

  • Visit your website
  • Call you for an appointment
  • Subscribe to your mailing list

Make sure to signpost how to follow through. At the moment there is no way to share links on Periscope. There are a couple of ways to get around that:

  • Ask someone to type your website link or phone number in the comments.
  • Write it on a piece of paper and hold it up real close to the camera.
  • Ask people to take a screenshot.

Remember to tell people what they’ll get out it. For example they’ll get a free eBook if they subscribe to your mailing list.

11) Finishing Up

Do a quick recap of what you said. Thank people for coming and staying till the end. Thank people for giving hearts. Save your broadcast to your camera roll. You can reuse the content on YouTube, your Facebook page, or your group.

12) Watch and learn from your replays

Watch how you performed. Make a note of things to improve and don’t be too hard on yourself. Aim to improve a little each time.

If you don’t like how it went, you can delete the replay.

Now you’re up and running your Periscope strategy evolves.

It takes a while to create an audience so don’t expect instant results. Think of this as a long game and learn as you go. Ensure your Periscope strategy fits with your business strategy. Here are some final ideas:

  • Build your following by broadcasting often. Some people broadcast 3-5 times per day. Do what fits your schedule.
  • Comment on other people’s broadcasts. Click on other comments and check out their profiles and use reply feature to interact with them. You will get followers as a result.
  • Watch other people’s broadcasts but be yourself. Don’t copy anyone’s style. People want to see the real you.
  • Pay attention to questions people are asking and for popular topics. Do your own take on them.

Now it’s your turn:

Are you a financial services professional experimenting with Periscope? Please share your experiences and tips. Leave a comment below.

I’ll be trying to broadcast most days at about 8.30am UK time to share marketing, protection and finance thoughts. Please tune in and interact. You’ll be most welcome.

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