Phil Jeynes on Partial Payments and Serious Illness Cover – MPAF12

An increasing number of partial payments are now standard features of modern critical illness products.

But Pru Protect’s Serious Illness Cover has always paid out different percentages for different levels of severity.

Some say this approach is too complicated and difficult for customers to understand.

Others insist that this is the way that critical illness cover should be done.

My Guest on Episode 12 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Phil Jeynes.

Phil Jeynes on Partial Payments and Serious Illness Cover

Hear Phil talk about how partial payments and Serious Illness Cover developed and how it compares to traditional critical illness cover.

Hear his suggestions about how to overcome the perception that it’s too complicated, and the business opportunities it represents.

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Who is Phil Jeynes?

Phil is Head of Account Development and PR at Pru Protect and is the public face of that company , famous in the UK for its Serious Illness Plan and Vitality – a type of critical illness product that pays out partial sums depending upon how severe the illness is.

Before that Phil was Head of New Business at Direct Life and Pensions Ltd.

In his spare time he is a keen footballer and Youth Chairman of AFC Porchester.

Phil’s Links:

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