Jeremy Chadwick on Group Optical Health Benefits and Vision Care – MPAF11

In the UK it’s compulsory for companies to offer workers that comply with particular circumstances an ‘appropriate eye test’ paid for by their employers.

Offering more than the standard optician test can be a great employee benefit.

And of course, there are schemes out there that can make this more affordable for businesses. It’s also an opportunity for advisers who have corporate clients.

My guest on Episode 11 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Jeremy Chadwick.
Jeremy Chadwick on Group Optical Health Benefits

Hear Jeremy talk about the positive benefits of Optical Health Care which not only looks after eye health but can also help detect other illnesses early and allow early treatment.

He also talks about Vision Care from VSP and the opportunities this can bring to advisers.

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Who is Jeremy Chadwick?

Jeremy is the EMEA Managing Director for VSP Vision Care, the largest vision benefits service company in the world with over 70 million members. In addition to the UK VSP also provides vision care benefits to the US, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

Jeremy has worked in the insurance field for more than 20 years and has significant experience with strategy, underwriting, operations, customer service and distribution across multiple distribution segments.

In his spare time, Jeremy is a keen fell runner.

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