Phil Calvert on IFA Life and Using LinkedIn to Find Clients – MPAF31

LinkedIn is more than just an online CV.

Offering a publishing platform, research tools and discussion groups, LinkedIn is effectively a global virtual networking event.

And yet many people still treat it just as a showcase for a brief summary of their career rather than using it as a research tool to find clients and to attract new customers to their businesses.

My guest today has become successful and well-known training financial professionals about the benefits of LinkedIn.

He’s also set up his own online financial services community called IFA Life and is a passionate champion of social media and business development ideas.

Hear how you can fine-tune your LinkedIn profile to boost your position in search so that potential clients can find you. Listen to Phil’s tips on how to use LinkedIn to identify potential customers and approach them for a positive response.

Phil Calvert on IFA Life and Using LinkedIn to Find Clients - MPAF31

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Who is Phil Calvert:

Phil is a professional speaker and founder of an award-winning business social networking site

He speaks at conferences and trains leaders on:

  • best practice in using Social Media to increase sales
  • how to manage professional identities with LinkedIn and Social Media
  • building Community around online brands

The story of how he created his social networking site reveals behind-the-scenes insights into how to make Social Media really work – one that prompts organisations to radically rethink their approach to using LinkedIn and online networking.

Phil specialises in working with leaders, visible experts, sales teams, regulated industries and companies that struggle to get meaningful results from Social Media. Many are shocked when he reveals how many sales opportunities they’ve missed by ‘tinkering around the edges’ with LinkedIn.

In his spare time, Phil shares one of my passions. He is a keen Yoga practitioner.

Things Phil and I discussed:

Phil’s Favourite App:

Phil’s Contact links:

Phil’s favourite books:

Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo.

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