Keep it Simple: It’ll Still Be Delicious

Does complexity bug you?

It bugs me too.

Why does business have to be so complex? Some of us try to sell complex products that customers don’t want. Or at least they don’t want the complexity. We use bloated marketing language to convince them to buy. We use management speak, jargon and gobbledegook.

Sometimes the complexity creeps up on us. We add stuff to our products to keep pace with our competitors. Then they add more stuff. And then guess what? We’re stuck in a spiral of complexity and no one benefits.

I’m on holiday in Barcelona. Taking a short break. The dish you see in the picture is a plate of Iberian cured ham, truffle oil with garlic and tomato bread.

That’s it.

  • Iberian ham.
  • Truffle oil.
  • Garlic bread.

And it’s one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in ages. Maybe years.

So good I went back to the same restaurant two evenings in a row and had the same dish again.

Some chefs may have chosen to add complexity to the dish. Some chips perhaps? Peppers lightly fried? Corn salsa? A sauce?

Anything added would have taken away rom the awesome simplicity though. It was tasty. Yummy. Delicious as it was.

Keep your products simple. Keep your language simple. Avoid bloat.

It’ll still be delicious.

And your customers will come back for more.

Now it’s your turn:

If you need help with your marketing get in touch. Perhaps I could talk you through my 7 steps to simpler business copy. Or help you work out a simple marketing strategy.