Dickie Armour on Generic Top Level Domain Names, Crime Fiction and Video – MPAF90

Domain names are changing.

Dot-Co-Dot-UK and Dot-Com and other country coded names are making way for branded alternatives like Dot-Marketing and Dot-Finance.

In this episode I talk to domain expert Dickie Armour about how you can use generic top level domain names to enhance your company or personal brand.

We also talk about the sales books Dickie has written and his best selling crime Thriller, “The Habit”.

That’s all right here in episode 90 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Generic Top Level Domain Names

Who is Dickie Armour?

Dickie is a sales troubleshooter with 34 years in business. Over 16 years experience running Internet related businesses around the domain name, email services and web hosting and 3 years in the brand licensing industry.

He’s passionate about helping big brands get closer to their fans and loves the Internet.

As Richard Armour, Dickie also wrote a crime fiction book called The Habit. He’s also a prolific user of live streaming video platform Periscope.


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