The power of pop culture in your marketing – MAF207

What have Game of Thrones and Coronation Street got in common?

They’re both examples of pop culture. They have vast, huge audiences, and they can help you engage with and communicate with your customers.

Welcome to episode 207 of the Marketing and Finance podcast.

The power of pop culture in your marketing - MAF207

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • What is pop culture and why is it relevant to your marketing?
  • Game of Thrones, Line of Duty, soap operas, song lyrics and they resonate with customers.
  • How a UK financial services company missed an opportunity when Coronation Street character, Alf Roberts, died in 1999
  • Using pop culture references in advertising, blogs, videos and other content
  • How a UK firm used Zombies and Gnomes to grow their business


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