Lucian Camp on Financial Services Advertising – MPAF1

In this launch episode of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast, I talk to Lucian Camp

Lucian is one of the most well-known marketers in UK Financial Services having worked, at some time, with almost every major brand.

Lucian Camp on Financial Services Advertising

Having created several agencies over the years Lucian now runs Lucian Camp Consulting and works with financial services providers and agencies on marketing campaigns. He’s a popular speaker at industry events and has very strong views on advertising in financial services.

Listen as Lucian argues that we should be advertising and communicating more. He feels that financial services providers have lost touch with the consumer. Hear his suggestions for how we can re-engage.

Lucian’s Links:

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What use are great protection claims statistics if no one knows about them?

There have been some great headlines recently shouting about how many protection claims we paid last year.

Here’s one from Money Marketing Magazine.

“Protection industry paid out £3.1bn in 2013”

And another from Financial Adviser magazine.

“ABI: Insurers paid out 97% of protection claims”

Undoubtedly these are great protection claims statistics. As Dougie Grant from Aegon says in the Financial Adviser piece, “The figures released by the ABI today shatter the illusion that insurance companies don’t pay claims and demonstrate how important it is to have cover in place.”

You can’t argue with that.

Protection Claims Statistics

But as great as these figures are it’s like hundreds of trees falling in the forest. You won’t hear them fall unless you are there to see them. The public still think that protection providers actively try to avoid paying claims. In fact they think that we pay out less than 40%. And articles in the Daily Mail and features on BBC Watchdog fuel that perception.

Only a very few people will go looking for great claims statistics like this. Confirmation bias means that they’ll seek out the negative articles that confirm their belief that we don’t pay.

Articles like this are great for an adviser to whip out when a client  raises the question about a companies willingness to pay. But main stream audiences aren’t seeing them.

So what are we doing to promote these amazing claims statistics? Where are the case studies with claimants? Where are the video testimonials from clients? Where are the interviews with people holding their cheques?

Statistics alone will not change deeply rooted perceptions. We need to tell the stories of the people whose lives have been affected.

Or better still let them tell their stories themselves.

Do you agree? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

12 Twitter Search Tips to build your business

You can build your followers and find ideas for your business website content using Twitter search.

This week you can download my free Twitter Search Tips crib sheet.

Twitter search is a powerful tool which you can customise to shine a spotlight on potential customers in your area. Or you can use it to find out what people are saying about certain topics. Or what questions they are asking about companies and products. Most of us just enter single words into search – when in fact it’s easy to be more specific and targeted.

In the Twitter Search Tips crib sheet below I’ve set out the most powerful search methods you can use. Please feel free to RIGHT CLICK on the image to download it to use later.

Twitter Search Tips

My two favourites are as follows:

Firstly, location specific searches. Say you are an adviser in Manchester and you want to find out who is talking about ISAs. Simply type in:

ISAs near:Manchester

In the list of results you will obviously find competitors and providers, but you’ll also find potential clients to follow. If they follow you back then you could engage them and potentially turn them into clients.

And secondly, questions. Find out what questions people are asking about companies and their products. Type in:

“life insurance” ?

You’ll find a whole list of questions which you could use to create articles or blogs for your website – each answer is one article.

Here’s a tongue in cheek question I particularly liked using this search.

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