The future of virtual and in-person events with Erica Maurer – MAF268

This week let’s talk about what will happen to virtual and in-person conferences as we emerge from the pandemic.

What are the implications for event organisers and for speakers? My guest is Erica Maurer.

And this is episode 268 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

The future of virtual and in-person events with Erica Maurer  - MAF268

What you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • How EMRG has hosted some of the biggest events in the US
  • What happened when the Covid-19 pandemic closed down the events industry
  • The ways EMRG evolved to virtual events to keep their customers engaged
  • Lessons for event planners and speakers on how to put on an interactive virtual event
  • How to stand out on screen as you would stand out on stage
  • The development of the Women Insider Network

Erica has put together a Free Download for listeners of the Marketing and Finance Podcast – click here to get the PDF: 5 Amazing Virtual & Hybrid Event Strategies To Increase your Business and Productivity

Who is Erica Maurer?

Erica is a partner at EMRG Media, based in New York.

They have planned and delivered upon events such as trade shows, corporate events, VIP experiences, fashion events, album release parties, festivals, and many other corporate and social functions.

Their Event Planner Expo has become the number #1 show in NYC for the events and hospitality industry with over 3500 attendees including event planners, marketers, owners, producers, creators, vendor partners and such. As a result of the pandemic, the 2021 event will be virtual but not less ambitious.

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