Philip Courtenay on behavioural and emotional finance – MAF252

My guest this week is Philip Courtenay, the founder of Applied Emotional Finance.

We chat about behavioural and emotional factors and how they affect financial advice.

Welcome to episode 252 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Philip Courtenay on behavioural and emotional finance - MAF252

What you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Moving from a career in marketing strategy to starting a consultancy around behavioural and emotional finance
  • Financial coaching, lifestyle planning and traditional financial advice.
  • Rational and irrational, subconscious and emotional decisions, and what drives them
  • Going beyond the regulatory prescription for financial advice and deeply understanding client needs.
  • Why financial advice is all about change and why advisers are change agents
  • Overcoming the perception that this science is all aboput nudging and manipulation

Who is Philip Courtenay?

Philip has held senior marketing and strategy roles within the wealth management industry, as well as acting as a consultant and trainer. 

He runs Applied Emotional Finance where he combines the latest academic thinking and industry expertise to help financial services firms understand investor behaviour and put this knowledge into practice through adviser training and strategic consultancy. 


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