Alistair Wickens on Totally Digital Businesses – MPAF73

What is a totally digital business?

Certainly not one an “old style” one with a cool website superimposed over the front end.

In this episode I talk to Alistair Wickens who’s just transformed his company from a traditional to a totally digital business. A fascinating story, it’s both scary and packed with lessons and insights.

Listen to Alistair describe the route taken by Road to Health and what a similar journey might mean for your business.

That’s all right here in Episode 73 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Alistair Wickens on Totally Digital Businesses

Who is Alistair Wickens?

Alistair is Group Chief Executive of Road To Health. They developed Quealth a digital health risk assessment tool underpinned by a proprietary algorithm.

He’s recently overseen Road To Health‘s transformation from a traditional business to a totally digital one. He believes that huge opportunities await financial services companies that make the same brave leap. Procrastination is not an option.

Alistair’s Links:

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