Customers are not DATA, they’re REAL people – Marketing Made Simple 14

Do you think sometimes we forget customers are real people and not just data points?

Marketing always starts with the customer.

Whether you make cupcakes, manufacture cars or other consultancy services, customers are all real people with houses, families, cars, interests, hopes and aspirations. Some watch Netflix. Others Amazon. Some like heavy metal some like dubstep.

As we grow as companies we maybe start to forget this. Maybe they become customer numbers in a database. Names on an email list. Targets on a cold calling phone list.

If we allow this to happen the danger is we start trying to engage with data rather than real people.

And if we just try to engage with data we might enrage the real customer.

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple, let’s discuss this important topic.

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This is the 14th in a series of videos under the “Marketing Made Simple” banner.

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Customers are not DATA, they're REAL people