How do you create great content? The answer’s in your pocket

You want to grow your business. Become well-known. Make it easy for people to find you.

Great content is the answer.

Great content will bring you customers. Great content will help grow your business.

And creating great content doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, you’ll need to invest some of your time. The answer you’re looking for is in your pocket.

create great content
When we’re busy we can think of all sorts of excuses not to spend time creating content.


Putting together good content is hard, isn’t it? That’s a frequent reason people put forward.  How do I find the time to be a content creator? What do I write about? What do I make videos about? Will people want to listen to an audio show about how to solve the problems they face as a business?

And it costs a fortune to produce videos doesn’t it? Recording a distributing audio is almost almost as expensive, isn’t it? And I haven’t really got time to write long articles, let alone pay anyone to write them for me.

It’s true just 10 years ago it would’ve cost a fair amount to create a video. You’d have to hire a cameraman. Have someone edit the video. Get DVDs made and pay to post them to your customers. For audio you’d have to rent a studio to record your audio and make a CD. You could have tried to get on local radio. But a live appearance would be over in seconds.

But now everything you need to create great content is in your pocket.

  • A high-definition TV studio in your pocket.
  • A radio station in your pocket.
  • A virtual assistant who can take dictation in your pocket.

Yes. It’s your smart phone. Your iPhone. Your android. Here’s what it can do for you and the content you want to put together


Most smart phones will capture broadcast quality HD video. Some even capture 4K video which is better than broadcast quality. What is stopping you from creating great videos for your customers? Answering their questions. Offering solutions to their problems.


Smart phones allow you to record audio. What’s stopping you from creating great podcasts answering your customers questions and adding value to your customers experience.

Written word

A smart phones will allow you to dictate into the microphone and your words will magically appear on the screen, often without any spelling errors. All you have to do is tidy up the punctuation. And as an added bonus you get to write just like you talk. Much better than bloated copy full of corporate management speak and jargon.

So you the equipment you need is in your pocket to create video, audio and the written word. There is no excuse. Other than making time to get to it.

What should your content do? Answer the questions your customers are asking. Use Google or social media to find out what those questions are. Then answer those questions with video. Answer those questions with audio. Answer those questions with the written word.

And you’ll have created the content you need to start to grow your business more.

Now it’s your turn:

How do you use your smart phone to create great content? Leave a reply and let me know.

If you need help with your content strategy, please get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I could help you.