Alan Lakey on Critical Illness Cover – MPAF Podcast Episode 3

Do you think that critical illness products have become too complicated?

In Episode 3 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast – I talk to adviser Alan Lakey who’s built a business on the complexity of critical illness cover.

Alan is a well-known UK independent financial adviser thanks to his frequent appearances in trade media publications and clear views on critical illness cover and regulation.

He runs a firm called Highclere Financial Services. He’s had considerable success with a comparison engine called CIExpert.

Listen as Alan describes his business model and how CIExpert came about. Hear Alan’s views on the UK critical illness cover market. Whilst its complexity has boosted the success of Alan’s business, he believes the product is too complex and suggests alternative approaches.

Alan Lakey on Critical Illness Cover

Alan’s story is a fascinating example of third parties often having to create their own solutions to the industry’s complexities.

Links to Alan’s best business book: Improve Your Punctuation And Grammar by Marion Field
Connect with Alan on LinkedIn: Alan Lakey
Follow Alan on Twitter: @HighClere_FS and @CIExpert

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