Mastermind sessions and ducks in Wimbledon – RogVLOG – 4

In this episode watch my trip to Wimbledon to attend a private mastermind session run by Chris Ducker.

Find out what mastermind sessions are and how they could help you and your business.

We also take time out to explore Cannizaro Park and see the real ducks.

A “full on” but a motivational day.

To find out more about Chris Ducker and his mastermind sessions just click here.

Now it’s your turn:

Have you ever been to a mastermind session? What did you think of the format? Has your business benefited as a result? Please leave a reply or share this on social.

From Corporate Career to Booming Personal Brand – Youprenuer FM Podcast

Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur FM Podcast is an international show business people all over the world listen to.

To say I was delighted when Chris asked me to be a guest on his show is an understatement.

He’s a great host and I had a blast chatting to him about leaving corporate life. Becoming a consultant. Starting the Marketing and Finance Podcast. Building my personal brand.

All you need to do to listen to the show is click on the photo below.

From Corporate Career to Booming Personal Brand - Youprenuer FM Podcast

This is what Chris has to say about this episode:

“Taking that leap from the corporate world into entrepreneurship can be daunting, which is why it’s so encouraging to hear about the hardworking and passionate entrepreneurs who do make it.

In this episode, I sit down and chat with marketing strategist, entrepreneur and Youpreneur member Roger Edwards as we talk about his entrepreneurial journey and how he’s transitioned from corporate life to a booming consulting business.

Roger shares his experiences and talks about how he’s had to overcome some hurdles with getting a pretty stuffy industry like finance to embrace technology and marketing online, and how he is continuing to do so today as a consultant.

This was a great fireside chat with Roger which I know you will enjoy so grab your notepad, get comfy and tune in!”

Here’s the link to listen to the show.

And this is a link to the show notes page for the podcast on the Youpreneur website.

Now it’s your turn:

What did you think of the episode? Did anything resonate with you? Let me know if I can help you with your own strategy. Leave a comment below or get in touch and let’s set up time for a chat.