Is the Caledonian Sleeper train better than an aeroplane – RogVLOG19

Travelling from Scotland to London or vice versa?

How about an alternative to flying and staying in a hotel?

You could try the Caledonian Sleeper train.

I this episode of RogVLOG I hop on board the Caledonian Sleeper at Edinburgh Waverley and enjoy a comfortable journey south.

Let’s check out the first class sleeper berths (the only difference between first and standard is you don’t have to share a cabin). Have a nightcap glass of wine in the lounge car. Rifle through the amenity kit goody bag. And enjoy breakfast as we arrive into London Euston.

It can be hard to sleep as the train rattles over points and gets shunted through stations, but I think it’s a very comfortable alternative to flying.

No parking in a long stay car park and waiting for the bus. No queues for check-in or security. No endless route marches through the shops. No cramped airline seats. No circling around waiting to land.

You just turn up 10 minutes before the Caledonian Sleeper train leaves. Get you’re head down for 7 hours. And you’re in central London ready to do a good day’s work.

Now it’s your turn:

So what would you prefer?

Plane or Caledonian Sleeper train?

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Is the Caledonian Sleeper train better than an aeroplane - RogVLOG19