Pete Chadborn on Adviser Business Models – MPAF Episode 2

Is it possible to run a small adviser firm to meet the needs of every single potential customer?

In the second episode of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast – I talk to adviser Pete Chadborn.

Pete is a well-known UK independent financial adviser thanks to his frequent appearances in trade media publications. He works at Plan Money in Colchester.

Listen as Pete describes his business model and how Plan Money aims never to turn any clients away. Hear Pete suggest ways in which the UK Protection Market can improve its customer service and how he speeds up Plan Money’s process with the Pre-research Underwriting Form.

Pete Chadborn on Adviser Business Models

It’s well worth listening to Pete’s forthright and enthusiastic views about the financial services industry.

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What’s your favourite financial services TV advert of all time?

Last week in the first episode of The Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast I talked to Lucian Camp about whether financial services providers should advertise more.

We are always being told this, especially in the protection space.

Tom Baigrie even ran a campaign a few years ago to convince the industry to stump up a few million quid to start a generic campaign. That didn’t lead to anything though Aviva have since run the very successful and in my opinion excellent emotional, “Ghost of Dad” campaign with Paul Whitehouse.

I have always been a little dubious as to the value of TV advertising especially in the digital age when people can fast forward through commercial breaks. I do acknowledge however that they build brand awareness such as the extremely annoying and now nuked “Go Compare Opera Singer”.

But the fact remains that producing a “film” is the smallest cost in a TV campaign. The vast cost is the time slot during the break in Coronation Street.

Talking about this on the Podcast got me thinking. What are the best financial services TV adverts of all time and why did they work? Here are four examples and why I think they hit the spot.

Prudential – Enjoying the Garden

Humour, great facial expressions and comic timing make this a winner.

Aviva “Ghost of Dad” Life Assurance

Emotional, tugs at the heart-strings, and reminds everybody of the film Ghost.

Allied Dunbar – Grim Reaper

This is edgy and slightly scary but its message hits home.

Standard Life Baby

How cute is that? Using babies or animals always seems to get eyeballs on screens. But does it actually lead to increase in sales.

I’m surprised no one has made an advert using cats.

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What is your favourite financial services TV advert of all time. Please post a link and share your views.

Out Now – Marketing Protection and Finance (MPAF) Podcast

I’m delighted to launch the Marketing Protection and Finance (MPAF) Podcast today.

Since I left my corporate role as Marketing Director, and then Managing Director of Bright Grey and Scottish Provident,  I’ve been able to focus on my strong interest in content marketing and social media. I felt there was a gap in the UK market for an interview based podcast dedicated to marketing and business ideas for financial services professionals.

So here it is.

Marketing Protection and Finance (MPAF) PodcastThis is the Podcast for providers and advisers looking to share business ideas and inspiration in the world of protection and finance.

The MPAF Podcast is a 30 minute audio show you download from this website, iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Each week I’ll be interviewing financial services providers, advisers, experts and journalists.

Interviews to listen to in the car, on the train or on the treadmill.

I’ll be asking what we can do to make protection and finance more accessible to the consumer. We’ll talk about:

  • Marketing, communications and propositions.
  • Financial and protection products
  • Interesting business models and campaigns

As well discussing how advisers can promote their own businesses using modern content and social media methods.

What you’ll take away

My aim is to make sure that you will get one or two big business ideas that you can apply to your own business, whether it is a sales idea, advice idea, product tweak or simply an app that is worth looking at.

Episode 1 features an interview with a financial services advertising expert – click below:

Tuesday 24 June 2014 – Lucian Camp on Financial Services Advertising

Shows coming soon:

  • Tuesday 1 July 2014 – Pete Chadborn on Financial Adviser Business Models
  • Tuesday 8 July 2014 – Alan Lakey on Critical Illness Cover

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