Sam Chivers on How to Master Web Analytics for Your Website – MPAF46

Your website might only be a few pages describing your business and what you do.

Or it could be a larger site with that necessary information plus articles, videos and tools.

Either way, knowing your audience and what they want is a critical success factor for any website.

The best way to know your audience is through your traffic stats. You can buy packages or use Google Analytics. If you’re not and expert it can be difficult to get started and to know what to look for once you have analytics in place.

My guest today provides a master class in how to set up and interpret web analytics.

Hear Sam describe how to use Google Analytics and learn what is working for your customers and how you can amend your content accordingly.

Listen to Sam explain “bounce rates” and other web jargon term and how they can help you grow your audience and ultimately your business.

That’s all right here in episode 46 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Sam Chivers MPAF46

Who is Sam Chivers?

Sam is Head of Communication and Information at Financial Advice Network Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mutual, Shepherds Friendly Society which has been around since 1826

He’s also a qualified American Football coach having played and coached for the Edinburgh University team, and the Dundee Hurricanes.

Sam’s links:

Sam’s Favourite Books:

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