Is it time to rediscover the 4Ps of marketing?

❗ The 4Ps of Marketing are dead. ❗

❗ Positioning is academic nonsense. ❗

Is it time to rediscover the 4Ps of marketing? Roger Edwards Marketing

We’ve seen many headlines like this since someone decided to plonk the word, “Digital” in front of the word, “Marketing” and the discipline decided to relegate itself to just being about the tactics of communications and nothing else.

I’ve argued against this in articles, podcasts and on stages – saying that strategy is still important. My words make some people huff and puff and mutter the words, “Out of touch” and, “Gen X – rolls eyes.” under their breath.

But I’ve seen a few more people talking about this recently. Saying the 4Ps of marketing definitely aren’t dead (they never were) and positioning is still important (it always was).

People are even talking about research, segmentation and goals again.

Is this a glimpse of spring? Are businesses waking up to the fact that there’s more to marketing than social media, apps and adverts again?

What do you think?