Steve Casey on Protection on Platforms – MPAF48

It’s been flat for many years and individual protection providers are searching for new ways to grow the protection market.

Relying upon price competition, adding features and promoting claims statistics isn’t working.

Riding on the success of platform providers could be one way to find that elusive extra business.

My guest today is Head of Marketing and Propositions at AIG Life. Having just launched a protection proposition onto the Transact and Nucleus Financial platforms, Steve is best placed to explain the opportunity that exists.

Hear Steve explain how protection on platforms works and how it interacts with a client’s investment portfolio.

Listen as Steve talks about the innovative pay as you go feature which means clients only pay for the cover they need.

That’s all right here on Episode 48 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Steve Casey on Protection on Platforms - MPAF48

Who is Steve Casey?

Steve Casey joined AIG Life in November 2012 when they were known as Ageas Protect.

AIG purchased the company at the end of December 2014 and they have now successfully rebranded as AIG Life.

Other than running a wholesale fishing tackle and bait company when he was much younger, Steve has spent his career in Financial Services in the UK, Far East & European markets.

He writes and blogs regularly on the protection market although a little known fact about Steve is that he appeared in Money Marketing once not talking about the values of protection but how to actually make the best beans on toast.

Steve’s links:

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