Rhys Williams on Using Clear Language in Financial Services – MPAF17

Complex language. Jargon. Passive sentences.

Dull impenetrable language is often the consequence of the complex propositions we develop in the financial services industry.

When we live with it day-to-day we tend to think that everyone, including our clients and customers, can understand, and indeed get excited about, what we write. The reality is that they neither understand it nor get excited by it.

My guest today works for a company that dedicated to clarity of communication. They specialise in words. They think words are an untapped opportunity for businesses.

My guest on Episode 17 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Rhys Williams.

MPAF17 - Rhys Williams

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I’ve wanted to get Rhys on the podcast since day one because I share his passion and that of his company, Quiet Room. And that is to communicate simply – with no jargon, officious language or passive sentences.

I’ve heard Quiet Room described as word geeks – but they are a communications consultant that focuses on clarity.

Rhys is Strategy Director. A little known fact about Rhys is that he has a platinum disc from a one-minute flute solo he contributed to Morrisey’s “You Are The Quarry” album.

Listen to how you can introduce clarity into your communications. When you’re good at using words, you’re not just better at winning customers or closing deals. You’re better at explaining your ideas, sharing your enthusiasm, and getting stuff done.

Rhys’s links:

Rhys’s Favourite Books:

Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

 Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

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