Public speaking tips and world-class communication – MAF108

In this episode, I talk about world-class communication.

How you can take your presentations to another level.

Welcome to episode 108 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Public speaking tips and world-class communication

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • Lessons learned from Marcus Sheridan – a world-class presenter and facilitator
  • The “Columbus principle” of asking instead of telling
  • Snippet from a recent seminar about “The TV studio in your pocket”.
  • Other tips you can use to stand out as a public speaker

Following a family bereavement, I’m a bit behind with my podcast interviews.

Sorry about that.

So today is one of those occasional episodes where it’s just me and the mic, talking about a topic that’s recently caught my attention. I reflect upon what I’ve learned over 20 years of public speaking and share some quick tips you could use to up your game. I also talk about a workshop I attended led by Marcus Sheridan and the game-changing effect he’s had on my presenting.

There’s also a chance for you to attend a similar workshop with Marcus in Edinburgh on 28 November 2016 – but you’ll have to be quick.

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