Protection Providers: Please Stop Passing The Buck

Good PR raises brand awareness and is a cost-effective way of getting stories out there.

But have you noticed a recent trend for a style of news story template that effectively passes the buck?


Protection providers particularly seem to favour this approach.Here’s an example from a recent news story in the financial trade press.

Providers urge advisers to help close protection gap –

Head of marketing at Cirencester Friendly, commented that the findings should serve as a warning to the adviser community and UK population as a whole.

“Protecting earnings is an important aspect of sound financial planning; those who are unable to work due to illness or injury face a dramatic reduction in their income which in turn, results in difficulty making mortgage repayments or paying rent, buying food and paying bills.

“Responsible advisers have a duty to ensure that their clients have put adequate safeguards in place should the worst happen.”

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Check out any trade publication and you’ll see similar news stories. In every case the company followed a typical three stage template. They:
  • Did some research that confirms consumers don’t have (or want) a product or service.
  • Craft a story around the consequences the consumers face by not having the product or service
  • Urge the industry, or segments of the industry to take action to solve the problem – in this case, “responsible advisers have a duty to ensure……”

It’s obviously a successful template because it generates column inches. A neat little press release structure that almost guarantees take up.

But isn’t there a bit missing?

What is the company telling the story doing to help solve the problem? Where is their advertising campaign? What about a series of case studies showcasing the experiences of people affected? Where are their tools for helping “responsible” advisers to make good on their “duty”.

The three stage template passes the buck to someone else.

We need a part 4 to this often used news piece template.

Instead of passing the buck, the company promoting the story needs to say:

  • This is what we are doing to solve the problem


  • This is what we are doing to help you to solve the problem

That’s not passing the buck. That’s saying were all in this together. It’s only together that we’ll kick-start the stagnant protection market.

Now it’s Your Turn:

Do you think Protection Providers are passing the buck? Please leave a comment or share your thoughts on this article because I’d genuinely like to hear your views.