A few thoughts on… pop up video ads

A few thoughts on... pop up video ads

I haven’t bought a “paper” news paper or magazine for years.

Like many people, I read the websites on my mobile device.

But it’s getting increasingly difficult to read online news and magazines websites.

They’ve almost turned into bizarre video games.

Humans vs pop up ads.

Banner ads I can handle but the constant pop up video every few seconds means you’re constantly fighting wave after wave of “Ad Invaders”.

Click the “x” to zap them and another one scurries forward to attack.

And they grow bigger and cover up what you’re reading.

The onslaught is so fierce eventually I give up and go to a different site.

Ad revenue is important of course. These media sites have to make money. But it’s getting too much now.

I think I might buy a “paper” news paper or magazine just so I can read it in peace.

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