Phil Young on Adviser Lounge and Writing Great Content – MPAF13

Creating written content for Trade or National Media, or for specialist websites is a great way to increase your profile and promote your expertise.

And it’s not the compliance minefield that many fear it is.

Adviser Lounge provides a creative, supportive and motivational environment to hone your content creation skills and provides a way of showcasing your work.

My guest on Episode 13 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Phil Young.

Phil Young on Adviser Lounge and Writing Great Content

Hear Phil talk about how Adviser Lounge came about and how it can provide a platform for advisers eager to create their own written content.

Listen to tips on how to create great written content, ensure it’s engaging and can promote your expertise and create business opportunities.

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Who is Phil Young?

Phil is Managing Director at Three Sixty – a support service company for financial advisers, looking after 750 directly authorised firms in the UK.

Phil is a painter – and is working his way through painting people in financial services – which he describes as a rogues gallery.

Phil’s Links:

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