Phil Lowes gives 10 Health Hacks for Busy Business People – MPAF54

In this special summer break episode, I talk to Phil Lowes.

Phil isn’t in marketing, protection or finance.

But he’s a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who’s built an international fitness company helping business people stay healthy in their offices and business travellers stay healthy on the move.

So this episode is lighter on business and heavier on health. Listen to Phil’s 10 simple Health Hacks for busy business people. And hear about the special free Health Hack’s PDF he’s put together especially for listeners of this Podcast.

That’s all right here on Episode 54 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.


Who is Phil Lowes?

Phil is a Health Coach and Personal Trainer and owner of

He has a passion for health & fitness that stretches back over many years. Always active he served with the British Forces for sixteen years and was instrumental in developing the physical training programme for the JLC course run from RAF headquarters at Cranwell.

Phil’s links:

Download the Free Health Hacks eBook Phil wrote especially for listeners of the MPAF Podcast.

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