Phil Billingham on Compliance and the Future of Financial Advice – MPAF18


It’s a word that fills many of us with dread.

It’s a necessary component of the Financial Services Industry. But why do we feel the need to “platinum plate” compliance so it seems to stifle creativity and hinder business development?

My guest today has made a business out of helping Financial Advisory and Planning firms cope with compliance and regulatory change. And having worked in financial services all over the world he is well placed to speculate on the future of financial advice in the UK.

My guest on Episode 18 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Phil Billingham.

Phil Billingham on Compliance and the Future of Financial Advice

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Who is Phil Billingham?

Phil is a specialist in assisting Financial Advisory and Planning firms to survive and thrive during periods of regulatory change.

He has been an active commentator, speaker, writer, trainer and consultant in this field since 1982.

During this time he has worked with organizations and regulators in the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. He is both a Certified and Chartered Financial Planner.

Recently accredited, along with colleagues, for a world record for visiting 18 countries in 24 hours, he raised £13,000 for charity.

Listen to his thoughts on how to make compliance easier so that you do what you need to do in order to focus on developing your business. Hear how he thinks financial advice might develop in the UK in future.

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Go it Alone by Geoff Burch

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