Why 280 Twitter characters won’t help keep marketing simple – MAF143

This week it’s just me and the mic.

And I’m going to talk about keeping things simple.

Twitter have just announced a trial to increase the size of a tweet from 140 to 280 characters. The world’s already flooded with complexity, bureaucracy, management speak mumbo jumbo and gobbledegook. Do we really need a social media famed for its brevity and simplicity to suddenly offer us the ability to be more complex?

Welcome to episode 143 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

Why 280 Twitter characters won't help keep marketing simple - MAF143

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • Why it’s important to keep your marketing simple so you engage with your customers
  • How Twitter helps create a discipline for brevity
  • The three rules for cutting out the marketing BS
  • Why Twitter shouldn’t double the size of its tweets


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Keynoting at Talking Point of Business 2017 in Newcastle UK – RogVLOG – 15

TPBiz is a business conference with a difference.

Based in Newcastle, UK, it’s quirky. They hold it in a fun venue called George Street Social.

On the agenda is a mix of speakers, workshops, mastermind sessions and networking opportunities.

This year their theme was content marketing so I was delighted take the stage as their opening keynote speaker.

A great fun day spent with passionate local business people hungry for new ideas, inspiration and eager to share their stories.

Check out the conference highlights and go behind the scenes in this latest episode of RogVLOG.

Now it’s your turn:

Were you at Talking Point of Business 2017?

Don’t you just love events with a difference? What’s the quirkiest conference you’ve ever been to and why?

Keynoting at Talking Point of Business 2017 in Newcastle UK - RogVLOG - 15

Get to no BS Marketing with these 3 tips

Complexity. Bureaucracy. Bloat. Management speak mumbo jumbo.

These are the enemies of good customer-focussed marketing.

In this video I give you three tips to help you keep your marketing simple and the BS at bay.

1) Assume your customer knows nothing
2) Speak your customer’s language
3) Avoid industry jargon, management speak and buzz words.

Follow these three tips and you’ll better engage your customers and they’ll love you for your simple approach.

Now it’s your turn:

You do have to laugh at some of the gobbledegook some companies use in their marketing. Please share your favourite piece of management speak mumbo jumbo.

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