Simplest marketing communications formula – Problem Agitate Solution

Do you ever find it difficult to get into the flow when drafting your marketing communications?

You want to tell your customers about the benefits of your products or services. You know the advantages you have over your competitors, but you can’t get the words to work?

Frustrating isn’t it?

It might be time to go back to one of the most tried and trusted marketing communications formulas.

It’s been around for donkey’s years.

It’s called Problem Agitate Solution.

You can see it in action in adverts, even in tweets. And it works.

In this episode of Marketing Made Simple let’s have a look at the Problem Agitate Solution formula and how it works.

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This is the fourth in a new series of videos under the “Marketing: Made Simple” banner. I’ve been doing marketing tips videos for a while but putting them out under the title, Marketing and Finance TV. Whilst this title works for my podcast, I rarely talk about finance subjects in my videos. So it makes sense to focus on keeping marketing simple. Fighting the BS and the complexity. Marketing: Made Simple!

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Simplest marketing communications formula - Problem Agitate Solution

Product marketing: Selling the benefits not the features – MAF184

Remember that age old sales advice that you should sell the sizzle and not the sausage?

Some marketing still focuses on features which makes the message about the product and not about the customer. Let’s have a look at getting back to the sizzle.

Welcome to episode 184 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.


Product marketing: Selling the benefits not the features – MAF184

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • Selling benefits rather than features
  • Framing the benefit in the context of the customer problems you are solving
  • Lessons from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Using the “problem agitate solution” marketing communications formula
  • Keeping messages simple and free from bloat and jargon

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Get more from your conference speaker: 5 ways I help conference organisers promote their events

Ask me to speak at your event and I’m all in to give you and your guests a motivating and memorable experience.

You can expect: Guaranteed no death by bloody PowerPoint. In fact, hardly any slides at all. Audience interaction and participation. Passion and infectious enthusiasm.  Real personal stories. Real strategies that produce real results.

But if you book me I’ll do more than deliver a speech. I don’t just turn up 15 minutes before the gig, expect a posh green room with champagne and perks, and then dash off to the airport as soon as I exit the stage.

Conference organisers love it when I get involved in promoting their events. And my Vlogs, which show case the event and the city it takes place in, are becoming well-known.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire me to work with you.

  • The talk
  • Me at your event all day
  • Teaser video
  • Social media promotion
  • Live video
  • Event and city Vlog

Get more from your conference speaker. 5 ways I help you promote your event on top of the talk.

The Talk

Although I offer more than just a speech for your event, the talk is the main reason you want to work with me. Keeping marketing simple. Fighting complexity in marketing. Putting together a content marketing strategy. These are the topics I can inspire and motivate your audience with.

But I’ll work with you to fit my talk to your audience. Let’s have a video call well in advance to make sure the talk hits all the spots want it to.

I’m your’s for the day

I’d love to spend time getting to know your guests, answering their questions, and simply hanging out.

You don’t need to hide me in a green room behind the scenes and pamper me with rose petals and champagne (I’m told some speakers expect this). I don’t have an ego you need to massage. I’m not the kind of speaker that arrives with only 15 minutes to spare, delivers his talk, and then does a quick runner for the airport.

You book me and you’ve got me all day.

Want me to have a one to one with selected guests? Perhaps run a workshop? Maybe chat to your sponsors and to the press? I’m happy to do audio or video interviews if it helps you build your business.

Get more from your conference speaker. 5 ways I help you promote your event on top of the talk.

Teaser video

Once we’ve agreed on the topic of my talk, I’ll put together a teaser video for you. Lasting 1-2 minutes and in the style of my “RogVLOG” and “Marketing Made Simple” videos on YouTube, I’ll shoot it specifically for your event. You can use the teaser video on your website. On social media. On your YouTube channel. And I’ll share it one social media as well.

Here’s an example of a teaser video for the Forum Media Conference in Prague, October 2018.

Social media promotion

In the run up to your event, I’ll help your promotional activities on social media. Tell me the event hashtag and I’ll engage with your guests in advance. Maybe get to know some of them a little. It’s a great ice breaker. Guests love being able to see and chat to speakers in advance.

During the event itself I’ll be using social media, mainly Twitter and Instagram, to tell people about my experience at the conference. Sharing photos, videos and quotes – all using the event hashtag of course.

Live video

The day before your event, or when I arrive in your city, I’ll broadcast live on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to further promote the conference and engage with the guests. If there’s time we can talk about putting on a live broadcast during the event as well.

Here’s an example from Content Experience in Serbia, June 2018.

Event and City Vlog

For the last year I’ve put together a RogVLOg of the events I’ve spoken at. Not only do I showcase the event and the venue, but also the city the conference takes place in. The vlogs have become really popular with conference organisers. As many people are travelling long distances to attend events, vlogs showing the city sights can encourage them to sign up.

Here’s my Vlog of the Network Conference in Montenegro, October 2017. After seeing that beautiful city and countryside, you can see why people would want to hop on a plane and visit.

Now it’s your turn:

If you’re looking for more than just a speech for your event I’d love to talk to you.

Check out my main speaker page (including bio, photos and testimonials), here.