Are you Supporting the Seven Families Income Protection Initiative?

The Seven Families campaign launched nationally at the start November 2014.

I’m confident as a result of the campaign, Income Protection will gain a higher profile in the public consciousness.  Whilst aiding seven in-need families.

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So far the campaign has unveiled two families and the charity Disability Rights UK (DRUK) and the Seven Families (7F) Action Group are finalising their due diligence on the next recipients. Expect more announcements soon.

The aim is to raise awareness of the financial and emotional impact of being unable to work due to long-term health conditions or disability. And to strengthen the voice of disabled people.

To do this the Action Group asked DRUK  to find seven families where accident or illness has forced the main breadwinner out of work. The families also didn’t have insurance.

The families will then receive a monthly income for a year as if they had bought a short-term Income Protection plan, paid for by the group of insures supporting the campaign. They’re giving the money on a charitable basis.

A key element of the initiative is that the campaign will give the families vital rehabilitation which could help them get back to work.

The campaign is about people in need.  It has a simple message at its core – that Income Protection cover can make a huge difference to people’s lives when they really need it.

The key campaign aims are:

  • To raise awareness of people’s financial vulnerability after long-term ill-health or accident
  • To help real families who are facing financial meltdown
  • To show the impact of rehabilitation and counselling through trying to help get people back to work

Listen to Peter Le Beau of the Income Protection Taskforce talking about Seven Families on the MPAF Podcast:

Peter Le Beau on the Seven Families Initiative

Let’s hope that the Seven Families project will become one of the most significant industry initiatives of our generation.

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Caroline Hawkins on Critical Illness Cover and Business Protection – MPAF21

If you’d spent seven years fighting an insurance company for a critical illness claim payment would you have become a passionate advocate for the product?

My guest today is a financial adviser who dealt with just such a prolonged claim.

Rather than put her off protection insurance, Caroline says the experience created a passion for protection. Now she focusses on protection advice. Particularly critical illness cover and business protection.

Caroline uses compelling stories to convince her clients of the need for protection insurance.

My Guest on Episode 21 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast is Caroline Hawkins.

Caroline Hawkins on Critical Illness Cover and Business Protection

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Who is Caroline Hawkins?

Caroline works for Direct Finance Solutions Ltd.

She’s an experienced, fully qualified, independent adviser specialising in Business Protection including tax efficient Life Cover, Key Person cover and Shareholder protection; Personal Protection including Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover and Income protection; Large Loan Mortgages including International Mortgages and Buy-to-Let portfolios.

Her aim is to help people and corporate clients take control of their finances in a friendly and professional way whilst bringing financial peace of mind. Like many financial advisers Caroline concentrates on building long-term relationships with her clients.

Listen to Caroline’s stories about critical illness cover and business protection. Hear her opinions on whether protection is too complex and where the products should go in future.

Caroline’s links:

Caroline’s favourite book:

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

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Find Related Hashtags Instantly Without Having to Experiment

Do you use hashtags in your social media posts?

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Including hashtags in your social media means more people can see your content and might follow or interact with you.

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