Nigel Bradshaw – Will Big Data Simplify or Complicate Protection Applications? – MPAF69

A recent recurring topic on the MPAF Podcast is the complicated protection underwriting process.

In this episode I talk to Nigel Bradshaw and we debate whether Big Data could make underwriting protection applications simpler.

Or whether it might make it more complicated.

That’s all right here in Episode 69 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Will Big Data Simplify or Complicate Protection Applications

Who is Nigel Bradshaw?

An Actuary, Nigel describes himself as a potent initiator and deliverer or change. He’s worked at Prolific Life and Pensions Ltd and Scottish Provident.

Nigel now works through Redmayne Consulting on actuarial matters, through Mortality Metrics on the delivery of big-data solutions and through Make Sense Partners when developing and running new propositions.

Nigel also helps the family business Distant Shores Au Pairs, which offer 3-12 month placements in China.

Nigel’s Links:

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