Mark Lee on magic and helping professionals stand out – MAF138

This week I talk to Mark Lee.

A qualified Chartered Accountant he’s the Treasurer of the Magic Circle.

We talk about magic and how he’s pivoted his career to helping professionals stand out.

Welcome to episode 138 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

helping professionals stand out

What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • Effective communications depend upon whether people understand your messages
  • Creating goals by asking:
    • Who’s my market?
    • What’s my message?
    • What’s the media to convey my message?
  • How you can’t stand out if you follow the same rules as everyone else
  • The power of asking questions to really understand what your clients want
  • And how a wooden duck as become a magic party trick loved by generations of children – including me

Who Mark Lee?

Originally a children’s party magician and a Chartered Accountant, Mark has developed a career helping professionals stand out.

Using his 7 Stage Framework he focuses, mainly on accountants, and helps them be remembered, referred and recommended.

As Treasurer of The Magic Circle, Mark draws on his skills as a magician and build magic tricks and techniques into his speeches and blogs.


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